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10 Must-Have SUP Accessories For Paddle Boarding - Paddle Board & Surf

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Getting started with paddle boarding is pretty simple and unfortunately not cheap. You only need two things to get started. A board and paddle. For most, that's all they need. If you want to make the most out paddle boarding then you should consider some accessories. 

In this post, we're going to share the 10 SUP accessories that will make your experience even better.

Let's get started...


 1. Paddle Board Bag

        Sup Atx Deluxe Paddle Board Bag

There are many reasons why a paddle board bag will benefit you. We put this first because we think it's the most important. So important that we actually wrote an entire article about it.

Most likely your paddle board wasn't cheap so you will want to take care of it. In our post, we covered 4 benefits of a paddle board bag that you may not know about. 

It will protect your board from the heat. 

Believe it or not, paddle boards are not made to be in the heat all day. Paddle boards are constructed from foam core. The foam contains little pockets and when exposed to excessive heat, it can cause your board to blister or even rupture. 

You can use a paddle board bag to keep your board out of direct sunlight when you're not using it. We recommend the Sup Atx Deluxe Board Bag.

 Price: $139.99 


2. PFD

SurfStow Stand Up Paddle Board PFD

 Prepare yourself for the worst and get a PFD (personal flotation device). Some beaches or harbors will require a PFD so you will want to make sure you're covered. Even the best swimmer can get caught in a bad situation so take every step to prevent that. 

Aside from being safe, the PFD we recommend is equipped with a zipper pocket for convenient storage. 

SurfStow PFD Price: $89 - $105.99


3. Leash

Surfstow Stand Up Paddle Board Leash

 A PFD will keep you floating but a leash will keep you attached to your board. The last thing you want is to fall off your board and chase it down the river. There are two types of leash cords, straight and coiled.  

If you're buying your first paddleboard then a straight leash will do just fine. More experienced paddlers tend to go for the coiled leash because the straight leash tends to cause a little extra drag with the cord. It's not a big deal unless you want to squeeze every bit of speed out of your board. 

A well-designed leash will run you about $30 which is a pretty good investment to keep you safe. 

SurfStow Price: $24.99


4. Anchor

Surfstow Sup Anchor

If you're like me, sometimes I just want to relax on my board without drifting over to the rocks. That's easy to do with a paddleboard anchor. Whether you're fishing, practicing yoga or just relaxing an anchor will do the job. 

The one we recommend is suitable for calmer waters and depths up to 15'. 

Price: $51.99


5. Rail Tape

Sup Atx Rail Tape

 Once again, another accessory that will protect your board and paddle. Paddle strikes are practically inevitable, even for the more experienced riders. If you don't care about dents or damage to your shiny new board then don't worry about it. 

Rail tape can be put on your board and your paddle. We recommend both if you ever plan on selling or trading in your board for an upgrade. The only downside is that tape around you paddle can slow you down a bit, but unless you're racing it won't be a big deal. 

Price: $29.99


6. Rack Pads

Lakeshore Paddle Board Rack Pads

Transporting your board to the beach can be a hassle, to say the least. Roof rack pads will your life a little easier. Paddleboard rack pads will help prevent any damage to your board while transporting it to the water. Rack pads will also protect your vehicle from scratches as well. 

If you're transporting your paddleboard with your vehicle then rack pads are a no-brainer. 

Price: $49.99


7. Waterproof Speaker

Sup Atx Waterproof Sup Speaker

Who doesn't want to listen to jam out while out on the lake? I know I do. I can't go anywhere without music so why should paddleboarding be any different. There are speakers made to mount to your paddleboard. The one I use comes with a mount or clip so you can remove it. 

Price: $64.99


8. Waterproof Phone Case

Paddle Board Waterproof Phone Case

Now that you have your speaker you will need your phone to play some music. The speaker may be waterproof but your phones are not, at least I don't want to find out. 

We recommend one by Surfstow that is transparent on both sides allowing you to use all the features while in the case. 

Price: $14.99


9. Underwater Light

Surfstow Underwater Sup Light

Paddleboarding shouldn't stop when the sun goes down. Pick up a sup underwater light and paddle into the night. It makes for a beautiful underwater scene and it’s a perfect way to enjoy a warm, calm night free from daytime crowds.

It’s also great for those too busy during the day to get their SUP exercise. Paddleboard lights can be a little expensive but I highly recommend them if you want to enjoy night paddling. 

Price: $89.99 to $199.99


10. Go Pro

GoPro For Paddle Boarding

Put your sup skills on full display with a waterproof GroPro. A GoPro is a great accessory for anyone with an active lifestyle. They are pretty simple to attach and if you need help, Blue Planet Surf has a great tutorial walking you through mounting the camera to your paddle board. 

Price: $149 to $499

There you have it. While these may not be required to get started paddleboarding, they will make your experience a whole lot better. If you think we missed an accessory or one doesn't belong to this list leave a comment below and let us know. 


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