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4 Benefits Of A Paddle Board Bag | Paddle Board & Surf

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A huge investment is required for purchasing a high-quality stand up (SUP) paddle board. Therefore, protecting your investment is very critical. You can keep the quality of your board by using a bag to cover it up. The last thing you want to do is spend more money but don’t learn the hard way.

Here are 4 reasons why you should get a bag for your paddle board.

Protection from Heat

Your stand-up paddleboard is constructed for withstanding the rigors of paddling in the rough waters and in the heat of a bright summer day. But, if you are living in a tropical, polar, or temperate climate, your board should be stored properly for keeping it in tip-top condition.

Keeping your board out of direct sunlight is also essential.

Foam core is used for manufacturing a paddleboard. This foam contains tiny little air pockets. When it is exposed to heat, it will lead to the expansion of the foam, which will lead to delaminations and various other problems. You can read more about delaminations at Never Board Inc. 

How hot is too hot? If you board is too hot to touch then it needs to be cooled off. Either put it back in the water or put your board bag in your bag.

Paddle covers and bags are designed for keeping your board at a cool temperature. Top quality boards are constructed by using best quality foam but you still need to protect your board.

Protection from Dust and Scratches

Scratches are very common due to the day-to-day transportation. When transporting your board with a vehicle there’s a good chance rocks will fly up and scratch your board.

Dust will accumulate in your paddle board when you store it in a garage for a long period or when it is exposed to wind and heat. A combination of dust and scratches together with a new white deck grip will lead to some serious problems.

Human error is the second major problem. Even if you protect your paddle board with topmost care, mistakes may happen. But, if you use a board bag, you can avoid even the smallest scratches.

Proper Storage

Your paddle board is a costly toy so you need to take care of it. Storage is the biggest problem for most people. If your paddle board is very large, storing will become difficult.

When you store your board, your top priority should be protection. Mostly, people store their SUP board in a garage, which is also used for keeping your cars, pets, and toys of your kids.

When you store your board in such a place, it will create serious damage to your board. You can avoid a lot of these problems if you keep your board in a protective cover or bag. 

Safe Transportation 

Mostly, SUP paddleboards are transported from home to the water and vice versa on the roof of a car. When you drive your car by keeping your board on the roof, it could cause some dents and scratches.

Not to mention most bags come with a shoulder strap so not only does it protect your board, it makes it easier to carry.


Stand up paddle boards are a pretty big investment so you should take care of them. Check out our collection of sup bags and start protecting your paddle board.  

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