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Why You NEED A Bag For Your Paddle Board

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Paddle Board Bag

Paddle boarding is an incredibly fun way to explore and get a little exercise. They are an investment and like any investment you want to protect it. A simple way to do this is with a board bag.


Scratches are inevitable without a bag. Transporting your board to that next adventure spot can be nerve racking whether you are driving or walking. While driving with a board on top of your vehicle rocks can pop up and scratch the board or paint which can be frustrating. Side note, if you do transport your board on top of your vehicle, make sure it is secure but do not tighten the straps too tight. This can cause pressure dents on your board. A bag will provide that extra cushion to keep your board damage free.

Dust/Storage When storing your board for a period of time dust can build up. It can make your whites less white causing strenuous cleaning. If you’re storing it in a garage day to day hectic life can damage your board. Pets, kids, people running in and out, and vehicles can all effect the longevity of your board.

Sun/Heat Hopefully your board gets a lot of wave time which means it will be exposed to UV rays. Don’t leave its harmful rays longer than necessary. This can dull the colors on your board and it will no longer look brand new! Also, the heat can expand the core which is made of foam potentially causing problems. A cover can keep the board cooler.

 Whether you’re on salt water or fresh water it is important to rinse your board after every use and let dry before putting it in your SUP bag. Bacteria from water can cause mold and mildew. Prevention is key to keep your board happy!

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